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Revo Munich takes a holistic approach to people and space ensures well-being, relaxation, and performance. Today, people spend 90 percent of their time indoors. In the meantime, a multitude of worldwide studies has proven that our environment strongly influences our well-being and performance. These findings have been considered at Revo, starting with architectural planning and ending with the design of outdoor facilities.

Taoist monks in China were already dealing scientifically with the positive design of living spaces 3000 years ago. Their knowledge of how to harmonise people with their surroundings and create energising places is encapsulated in the teachings of Feng Shui and geomancy.

The lively forecourt area with its fountain sculpture “Dancing Stones” (design: Barbara Jurk according to Feng Shui criteria), the inner courtyard, and the outdoor area are laid out as a garden oasis with power points that serve as sources of strength for guests and staff. The round opening to the foyer and the outdoor area allows energy to flow through the building without any blockages.

The water in the northwest in front of the building gives power to the entrance areas and directs energy into the building, so that all guests and staff can benefit from this energy. A large green wall in the inner courtyard creates a barrier against the adjacent multi-storey car park and improves the microclimate in the surrounding area. Fine dust is bound, and in summer, the green wall creates a pleasant cooling effect and increases the oxygen content in the environment.

You may not believe in it, but you feel it

Dipl.-Ing. Barbara Jurk

The geomantically processed solitary stones in the inner courtyard are ideal places to regenerate after a strenuous day. The specially selected stones came from the 300-million-year-old granite massif of the Bavarian Forest and have a beneficial effect on the overall atmosphere as a kind of refuelling station. Geomancy is a kind of ‘divination from the earth’ that use markings and patterns in the earth, sand, stones, and soil. The teaching is like Feng Shui and has been known in Europe since the 12th century.

From the construction side, the installation of a special foil in the underground car park and on different floors is particularly noteworthy. The Gingko special foil helps to harmonise geo-biological stresses and to increase the vital energy in the building. Thus, not only Feng Shui criteria were considered here but also building biology.

Geopathic interference zones and their effect on humans have been known for many centuries. These include, for example, water veins or radon pollution caused by earth faults. The harmonisation of these interference zones has been proven to improve the well-being of people, which results in better sleep and a higher ability to concentrate. Thus, all measures are aimed at creating an oasis of well-being for people in the Revo and, ultimately, a relaxed and restful stay. As an architect and Feng Shui master, as well as an expert experienced in Feng Shui and geomancy, Dipl.-Ing. Barbara Jurk has been involved in the project planning from the very beginning.

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