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This is how hotels operate today. How do you want to live?

A or B? Upstairs or downstairs? Short or long? We think: Either-or is over. It’s time for both/and. We live how we want today, why should we change that just because we travel? With Revo, you can have it all: just a room, a fully furnished studio, friends and family room with contemporary design, trendy and relaxed public areas, in addition to state-of-the-art digital and analogue equipment. We call this the Tribrid concept. Or also: This is how hotels work today.

Everything. But ordinary. You can stay here as long as you like.

At Revo, you’ll find the best of the hotel world combined with the benefits of residential and flat services. This is how hotels function today. With us, there’s a room for everything: for company, work, play. You decide, we make it happen.

Your new workplace Conference or concentration – just as you wish

In the open areas, there are plenty of opportunities to meet with other guests for brainstorming. Sometimes in the co-working area, sometimes in a 30 m² meeting room. But you’ll also find enough peace and inspiration for concentrated work at Revo. And, of course, always a good coffee.