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Welcome Join us in building the Tomorrow House

Revo is a tribrid brand that blends hospitality, living and societal ambition. Revo spaces are designed to be convenient, connected, community-centered, inspiration hubs where you, as society movers and shakers, can unleash all your potential, free from the constraints of a conventional lifestyle.

A cradle of opportunity and optimism, Revo offers a glimpse of what living & working in the house of tomorrow could bring today.

Career at Revo

Sign On A Wall

Here. Now.

Right where I want to be A sense of belonging.

Is that what you’re looking for? Freedom with responsibility and fun. This is what we call “The New Work”. You, along with a great team, will feel being an essential part of a community. Because that’s what Revo is all about – being a community and staying in it.


Time for living Everything under one roof

Want a stress a stress-free lifestyle? Have you ever thought about how convenient it would be to work and live in the same place? We can help with that. At Revo, there are so many social spaces and events for you to enjoy once you’re off the clock. You are part of it.

Person Working On A Laptop


Work the smart way Perform seamlessly

It’s understood that everyone has their own projects and studies outside of work. When your shift ends, there are spaces within the hotel for you to escape to work with some digital aid. Immerse yourself in the Meeting or Co-working Spaces, the terrace, or the library in the community area.

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Rise & Shine

Evolve + Connect Advance yourself

We learn something new every day. Sharing knowledge makes us strong and builds confidence. It should be something that provides confidence. We provide new ways of training with the purpose of growing professionally and personally. A natural evolution without any pressures.


One World

Born to be green The only way is forward

One planet, one home, our commitment. As a company and as a community, we have a responsibility to protect our environment and act sustainably. We do this by focusing on green measures, always looking for sustainable solutions, acting in a socially responsible way and constantly educating ourselves in this area.

Hands Reaching Out To Each Other


Stay in your community Keep in touch

If you like, you belong to the community forever. There’s no reason to become a stranger, even if you might break up at some point. You can stay in touch with us online and offline – before, during and after your job with us. Take part in events and activities, and if you change your mind, we look forward to seeing you again.


Stay Fit

There’s no need to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle because of your job. Feel free to work out in the hotel gym and join in on the classes.

Free nights

Enjoy three free nights per year in one of the Vienna House hotels! And if that’s not enough and you want to pack your friends or family along with you, you can get a great employee rate and the favourable Family & Friends rate at the hotels.

Let’s mingle

Feel free to grab a table with your favourite team members and enjoy one free meal a day from our restaurant The Italien Canteen.

Extra day off

We gift you an extra day off for your birthday, and what better way is there to start your new year than with a relaxing and carefree day?


Live & Work Package Everything in one place

This is how to live in Munich! Find your dream job and become part of the community. Live and work in the same environment. We make it possible. Find the perfect accommodation here. With direct access to the Munich Neuperlach Süd S- and U-Bahn station, this mixed-use concept also combines co-working, Italian restaurant and bar, summer terrace, fitness, and retail under one roof.

We offer you, in addition to a fair salary, a small high-quality fully furnished temporary apartment between 20-38 m² for a very interesting price and taking into account the monetary benefit. Becoming curious, then contact us: