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In the mood for snowy magic, Christmas markets and cozy cafés? Come on, get out of the winter blues, throw on your thick scarf and get into the hustle and bustle. With hot drinks, fragrant chestnuts, and glittering snowflakes – winter in Munich can do a lot. Need an extra dose of inspiration? The Revo community knows the hot spots of the city.

The Munich Weekender@Revo

Munich in a different way! Get great tips from the community and discover Munich fresh. Tourist hotspots? If it must be! New in-places, great designs, food hotspots, creative places… Perfectly accessible by S-Bahn.


Not in the mood for holiday stress? We have the solution: just bring family or friends to us! We have the space and the delicious food that it takes for the holidays. This way Christmas will be easy and relaxed.

Jingle Bells@Revo

It glows, glitters and smells – It’s Christmas Time. Time for mulled wine, hot chestnuts and roasted almonds. Not enough yet? That’s right, but we won’t tell you until you get there, because the community has the best festive tips ready for you.


3,2,1… Cheers! Here’s to a fantastic New Year! With resolutions? Sure, why not! Old can stay in the old year, and there is so much new to discover, do, try, plan… The night of the nights.