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Co-Working at Revo

The workspace at Revo is as diverse as your working day: there’s room for internal and external guests to meet, fixed tables that can be rented, a large communal table for those who love to collaborate, and office space for quiet, concentrated work. And for those who want to really hit the ground running, there is the Revo Home Office, an office with a bed.


max. 8 persons

For workshops, meetings, job interviews: The spacious boardroom can be booked for a full or half-day. We offer coffee breaks or small snacks on request.

Single office

max. 3 persons

The individual offices offer the ideal setting for interviews, coaching, or confidential discussions for up to 3 guests. Bookable for full or half-day.


max. 1 person

The desks in the co-working area can be rented on a full-day or half-day basis. Perfect for freelancers or mobile project workers.


Event Location

Events on request

If more space is needed for company celebrations or larger gatherings, we can transform the lobby, terrace, or restaurant into an event location.