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In hardly any other city do good food and drink play such an important role as in Munich. This is perhaps due to the fact that Munich residents often refer to their home as the northernmost city in Italy. So it’s no wonder that The Italian Canteen at Revo tastes like dolce vita – from morning to night and in between. Here you can enjoy a piece of Italy, no, rather a piece of Italian culture and soul. This unique taste, which makes the palate and heart dance and exudes joie de vivre and lightness, requires special ingredients. That’s why The Italian Canteen works closely with EATALY Munich. The mediterranean products from EATALY follow the “Slow Food” philosophy, come from regional farmers, bakers and pasta producers and are supplied in organic quality. The ideal partner for Revo!

Join Revo F&B Manager Tony Mihulka and Head Chef Pia Schöning on a shopping tour at EATALY.

4,600 square meters of pure Italian tradition and amore

The EATALY concept was born back in November 2002 – as an idea sketched out on a piece of paper by Oscar Farinetti. His plan: to offer quality food at fair prices, celebrate Italian product diversity and create an inviting place to eat, shop and learn. He succeeded! In early 2007, the first store opened its doors in Turin. EATALY now has more than 35 locations in Italy and around the world. Also in Munich. On 4,600 square meters, the focus is – as the name promises – on “Eating Italy”. For example, the famous durum wheat pasta from Gragnano in Campania in southern Italy, egg pasta from Piedmont, mineral water from the Alpi Marittime, wine from Veneto, olive oil from Liguria, Fassone beef from Piedmont, and famous sausages and cheeses made in the Italian tradition all go into the shopping cart here. Amore puro!

Enjoyment in the historic ambience of the old “Schrannenhalle”

EATALY has found its home in Munich in the old “Schrannenhalle”. It borders the “Viktualienmarkt” and housed the Munich grain market from 1853. However, when the “Grossmarkthalle” was built over 50 years later, the heyday of the “Schrannenhalle” was quickly over. Between 1914 and 1927, parts of the hall were dismantled and used as a warehouse at the gasworks in Moosach. In 1932, another part was lost in a fire. By chance, the city historian Volker Hütsch discovered the remains of the hall in 1978 and campaigned for its reconstruction. In 1980, the city followed suit and decided to rebuild the “Schrannenhalle” on its original site. But the implementation of the decision took about 25 years, as no operator was found for a long time. Finally, in 2005, the time had come: with the opening of the “Schrannenhalle”, a small piece of Munich history was restored. EATALY moved in at the end of 2015.

Italian premium products for Revo Italian Canteen

Authentic, honest and real is what the Italian Canteen is supposed to taste like. The EATALY is paradise for this. The products and foodstuffs are either carefully selected by the Revo team themselves in the market or delivered in an uncomplicated manner. Always present are for example:

Provolone dolce: A mildly creamy, semi-hard cheese aged for up to 3 months. The Italian Canteen uses it for the white pizzas without tomato sauce (Salsiccia Supreme and Pizza Carpaccio).

Semola: Italian durum wheat semolina used in the Italian Canteen for the stripping and flipping of the pizzas.

salsiccia: A fresh, coarse sausage made from pork, which is added to the Salsiccia Supreme along with provolone cheese, balsamic onions, spring onion and fior di latte.

And now: Buon appetito!

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